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Bone Marrow Rotation

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Residents gain directed, specific experience in diagnostic Bone Marrow pathology during a two month Bone Marrow rotation at the UCSF Moffitt-Long Hospitals. This rotation focuses on the diagnostic end of the bone marrow procedure, with residents gaining experience in the bone marrow biopsy and aspiration techniques on rotations at other sites. By the end of their rotation, resident should be able to:

  1. Explain the basic science of normal hematopoiesis and basic science that underlies hematopoietic disorders, including neoplastic and non-neoplastic, and the tests used in their diagnosis and management.
  2. Understand the principles, applications and limitations of bone marrow biopsy specimens and ancillary studies.
  3. Discuss the broad clinical consequences of hematopoietic disorders and the role of the laboratory in assisting clinicians in the diagnosis and management of hematopoietic problems
  4. Advise clinicians on specimen requirements, selection of appropriate aancillary tests and test interpretation in diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of hematopoietic disorders.
  5. Interpret bone marrow aspirates and biopsies as well as associated peripheral blood film and ancillary tests such as cytochemical analysis, immunohistochemical staining, flow cytometric immunophenotyping, cytogenetics and molecular diagnostic assays.
  6. Describe how bone marrow samples are obtained and processed.
  7. Assess and monitor the quality of tests and procedures performed in the bone marrow service.
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